Building The Foundations

Do you have a specific project you'd like to develop?

Let us be your guide in understanding and implementing strategic tools to help you build your show from the ground up.



Private or Group Sessions:

90-Minute Sessions
$99/ Session
4 sessions minimum with a free introductory session!

Weekday, evening and weekend sessions available.
Contact info@ArmandPaiva.com

Workshop Overview

Level 1
  • Business History & Producing
  • Original Works
  • Adaptations
  • Production Companies & Funding Principles
Level 2
  • Funding Principles
  • Choosing the creative team
  • Casting
  • Staged Readings
  • Networking
Level 3
  • Raising Money: Basic Principles
  • Pre-Broadway options
  • Theaters
  • Marketing
Level 4
  • Ticketing and Broadway Grosses
  • The Broadway Run
  • On the road: Licensing beyond Broadway
  • Musical theater & media: Future of Broadway

Payment Options

Make CC payments via PayPal

Steve Bennett at info@armandpaiva.com


Disclaimer: This Business Of Broadway™ sessions are informational workshops. The client acknowledges that he/she is totally responsible for his/her business, legal and investment decisions. Sessions will not be scheduled before email confirmation from Armand & Paiva, LLC. Regarding investments: THIS IS NOT AN OFFER TO SELL OR A SOLICITATION OF AN OFFER TO BUY UNITS IN ANY ENTITY. OFFERS ARE MADE ONLY THROUGH OFFERING CIRCULARS. No sale of any Units shall be made in any state unless the offering has been registered or is exempt in such state, an Offering Circular has been delivered to the investor before the sale, and the investor meets any applicable qualifications.


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